Current Results


We cover whole country. We are 1 500 people servicing 50 000 customers.

As of today all large mains and distribution canals are rehabilitated; Since 2012 water supplied area has been tripled  to 163 000 ha, while drained area has been increased up to 43 500 ha.

For  enhancement  of  effectiveness  of  amelioration  systems  and  improving  yields  from meliorated lands, we engage with customers regularly to introduce modern irrigation technologies for rational use of water resources;


Our strategic goals are to:

  • Increase water supplied area
  • Improve irrigated land utilization
  • Improve sector effectiveness and efficiency by active involvement of water users
  • Achieve sector’s viability and sustainability

Our objective by Strategic Vision is irrigated area to reach 200 000 ha, drainage to cover 100  000 ha.