During Soviet period, gravity flow water supplied agricultural land area amounted to 278 000 ha, while drainage covered 105 000 ha. For the last decades, due to lack of attention towards and disinvestment in the sector, by 2012 only 45 000 ha of area was supplied with water, drainage covered 14 000 ha.

Intensive funding of amelioration sector from the state budget and forced rehabilitation of amelioration infrastructure all over the country has started since the end of 2012.  “Georgian Amelioration” ltd under the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia carries out rehabilitation works on those items of amelioration infrastructure where works haven’t been carried out for several decades.  Simultaneously, Company is the sole provider of irrigation and drainage services in the country.

As of today, water supplied agricultural land area has increased up to 163 000 ha, while drainage covers 43 500 ha.

 Our strategic goals are to:

·  Increase  water supplied areas

·  Improve efforts for maximal utilization of water supplied areas;

·  Increase involvement of water users for complex enhancement of water supply efficiency and effectiveness;

·  Achieve sector’s viability and sustainability

 By strategic vision for 2015-2020, irrigated area will reach 278 000 ha, drainage will cover 105 000 ha.