Rehabilitation of Saltvisi irrigation scheme is underway

Davit Tsitlidze- General Director of “Georgian Amelioration” Ltd has got acquainted with rehabilitation and construction works on  Saltvisi irrigation scheme, in Shida Kartli region.

"Alignment of amelioration infrastructure is actively underway throughout the country. In Gori Municipality, repair works are being carried out on Saltvisi main and water distribution canals with total length of 30 kilometers. The project also includes arrangement of reinforced concrete flumes and various hydraulic structures, ”- Davit Tsitlidze mentioned.

As a result of the works carried out, more than 2000 hectares of agricultural land area in the region will be irrigated stably.

The population of 7 villages of Gori and Kareli municipalities - (Kvemo Khviti, Kelktseuli, Kareli, Dzlevijvari, Dirbi, Breti, Breti farm) will benefit from the restored irrigation scheme.

Total cost of the project amounts to GEL 3,877,000.

The current works on the irrigation scheme will be completed in 2022.

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